Industry Jargon

HVAC industry consists of many mechanical terms that are really important for anyone dealing with this industry. Some of the most important terms that can help you in the HVAC industry are:


Term Description
Air conditioner It is basically an appliance that is used for getting rid of heat and maintaining a balanced temperature during hot conditions. It is important to use high- end industrial air conditioners in manufacturing units to have climate control and getting rid of moisture.
Ambient This is a term used for surrounding atmospheric conditions. When there is a balance in temperature in a specific area then it is known to have an ambient temperature.
Air-cooled system Air cooling units that control the flow of air in order to create a reduce heat are known as Air-cooled systems. Air cooled systems are really very important for all the industries. With the increase in temperature during a manufacturing process it becomes important to use high-end air cooled system.
Air handler Air handler is equipment that is basically used in the HVAC units in order to control the flow of air.
British thermal unit BTU is a very important term that helps in measuring units of energy in the HVAC industry. It helps us to measure the amount of heat that can help in raising the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.
Bubble point During the vaporization process it is very crucial to measure the temperature in prevailing conditions. Bubble point is basically the pressure when the refrigerant liquid turns into vapor.
Blend When different refrigerants are mixed in equal ratio in a specific temperature then the refrigerant mixture is known as blend. This mixture can be easily separated with the help of distillation process.
BEMS Also known as Building energy management system this term is very important in the central HVAC unit of any complex. It is a central unit that controls the electrical equipment, power supply and all the other mechanical functions in the building. It is designed to enhance the performance of the equipment installed in the building and save energy.
Constant air volume This equipment is designed to make sure that there is constant air flow in a specific area. It is very important for HVAC equipment that has variable air supply. They are used in residential areas as well as office complexes.
Chiller A device that is used to get rid of heat through the vaporization process is known as chiller. It uses the vapor compression process and removes heat from the liquid. First the liquid is cooled and then it is made to pass through different pipes in the building. This liquid mainly passes through fan coil units, air handlers and other cooling equipment. It is also helpful in dehumidifying a specific area as they are fan driven machines. The condenser coils that play an important role in proper air flow in the machine.
Cascade system This unit consists of two different refrigerant circuits that function together in order to provide expected level of cooling.
Controller This device helps in automatic control of different HVAC equipment. Whole operational part of the device is under its control and it has multiple uses. It turns any device on or off and it can also modulate the components according to the needs of the users. Almost all the controllers are automatic.
Diffuser This device is mainly kept in the ductwork and it creates a separation between the vanes of the equipment. The vanes mainly move in different directions and the main function of the diffuser is to distribute flow of air in desired direction.
Damper A damper is equipment that functions like a modulating device. It makes sure that the climate of the room is under control with a check on the air flow rates. It mainly works on the principal of creating friction inside the ducts in order to control the air flow.
Evaporator This device is placed in the refrigeration cycle as it absorbs heat efficiently. This equipment is really useful as it has the capacity to absorb heat from liquid or air.
Gauge pressure The reading that is taken with the help of a gauge is known as Gauge pressure. While the pressure is being measured the atmospheric pressure is zeroed and sometimes the users take it to negative point in certain conditions.
Heat exchanger A device that helps in efficient transfer of heat between two liquids that are physically separated. It leads to proper transmission of heat from one device to another and maintain a controlled temperature.
Heat pump This unit is really important for industrial areas as they help in maintaining proper temperature in large areas. This device efficiently absorbs low quality heat from a location with less temperature and then it transfers high temperature heat that is created with the help of a mechanical device. The biggest advantage with this equipment is that it helps in transferring heat from air to water, water to air, air to air or water to water.
Inverter compressor It is a device that is fitted inside an inverter in order to control the functioning of the inverter. The temperature is changed depending on the motor speed and the inverter drive is the most important component of this equipment.
Latent cooling capacity This term is mainly used to keep a check on the moisture content in air. It calculates the amount of energy that is required to be added or removed from air. The main focus of reducing or increasing the energy is to get rid of extra moisture and control the temperature.
Micro-channel coil This device is mainly used in the automotive industry. This equipment mainly uses the aluminum tubes to function properly. The aluminum tubes construct parallel flow that helps in generating better heat transfer.
Natural refrigerant Natural refrigerants are natural products and they mainly consist of carbon dioxide, isobutene, propane and ammonia. This refrigerant is used as an alternative to the flurochemical refrigerants. It helps in reducing the ODP and GWP potential.