Food service industry

Food Service Industry

The F & B industry in USA is highly segmented and segregated into several small and big establishments comprising hotels, restaurants, bistros, catering firms and mobile kitchen contractors. It doesn’t need to be exaggerated that the aforementioned enterprises have to preserve the freshness of food items so that the same can be used to prepare dishes for serving to customers. At the same time, different kinds of beverages and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic have to be stored in refrigerated containers and chillers for holding on to their distinct flavors or tanginess. Ice Fox Rental Refrigeration Co maintains a large inventory of water and gas-cooled chillers, refrigerated containers, semi-trucks and mini-trailers that are extensively used by different establishments categorized under the F & B industry. We stock different capacities of chillers, air-conditioners, and refrigerated containers that can cater to the specific and customized food preservation requirements of F & B verticals.

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