You’ll use PHP for the backend, while also maintaining the frontend with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition to that, you’ll likely be working with database code as well. According to ZipRecruiter, freelance PHP developers make an average of $89k/year, or $43/hour.

You don’t see higher salaries for PHP developers until you get into the more advanced areas of PHP development, which does require quite a bit of education and training. Here are the average PHP developer salaries for a selection of US states with tech hubs or a high ratio of software engineering job openings. To calculate the national and local average salaries for PHP developers, we have used data from Indeed’s salaries pages. To attract the best talent, you need to be aware of PHP developer salary expectations. This section will present national average salaries, salaries by state, and PHP freelance developer rates to help you better figure out what these expectations may be. As a highly accessible language, novice developers often write sloppy spaghetti code using PHP when they are learning.

Php And Jquery Developers Salaries In Ukraine

As a result, PHP is sometimes criticized as lacking style and strong development practices. However, the existence of bad code does not mean the coding language itself is bad. As one of the earliest programming languages to hit the scene back in 1995, PHP has grown in conjunction with the commercialization of the web. It was originally designed as a generic template language and has therefore attracted a lot of beginner developers who have little to no formal training.

Many smaller companies use PHP, so when compared, we start to see some of the underlying differences among versatile programming languages. In general, PHP developers are paid less than their peers in other programming languages. PHP developer salaries in Denmark and Germany are approximately the same and reach $52K. In Norway, Australia, and the Netherlands the PHP developer salary lies in the range of $43-$44K. In Finland and the UK, the salary for PHP developers is the lowest — $32K and $36K correspondingly.

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You can clarify the actual cost of the PHP architects’ services during negotiations and read our article to find out the average PHP developer salary in the world. Demand for Belgian developers is growing due to the constant development of the local IT industry.

However, due to high competition, the salary of PHP developers isn’t as high as that of Python and Ruby SEs. According to ZipRecruiter, the average Laravel programmer salary is $83,000 per year. The developers with the php programmer salary highest rates are located in New York, with Massachusetts and Maryland being respectively second and third states by Laravel developer rates. Larger companies invest more resources in such fields as Java and .NET.

Embedded Developer

Compared to the general freelance web developer salary of $75k (or about $36/hour) reported by Glassdoor, this is quite a bit better. More experience means you can handle more unassisted and help out younger developers, so companies are willing to pay extra. Do keep in mind that for computer science and programming fields, cloud computing security this is actually a fairly low salary. Other languages can pay much better, at over $100k/year, especially in the United States. It’s tried and tested, with major projects like WordPress keeping it relevant even in 2021. Your job isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and that’s why so many developers continue to work with it.

Is PHP losing popularity?

Once upon a time, PHP was one of the most popular programming languages. Now it’s slowly fading in popularity, especially with the rise of languages such as Python. The TIOBE Index for September 2019 shows that in the past year, PHP dropped two spots down the list, from number 7 to number 9.

As well as double-checking the engineer’s past experience with PHP, this also gives them a free canvas to display how interested in the language they are. The best offshore PHP developers will be able to talk above and beyond your expectations about their past work, or how their personal development has expanded along with PHP itself. There in there LA area I see 3 listings for RoR developers that will pay up to $160k per year.

What Is Php?

PHP is a general-purpose programming language that has been the cornerstone of the web for a long time. In fact, “PHP is used by 79.0% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know”. The salary for an php programmer can vary depending on the years of experience that a person has, from entry level to senior level. The darker areas on the map show where php programmers earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

php programmer salary

In this case, you should keep in mind that developer salary varies from country to country, moreover – programmers’ wages differ even in neighboring cities. Finding experienced PHP experts is half the battle; you also need to understand how much salary they will take. Depending on the country and even on the state where php programmer salary the programmers you hire work, your development budget will change. The average PHP salary by location are quite similar at The highest salaries can be found in New York and San Diego (with average salaries above $90,000 per year), whereas PHP developers in Chicago are paid “only” $69,465 a year on average.

Database Analyst

The average salary for a php developer is $6,422 per month in the United States and $3,000 cash bonus per year. The right developer is out there; it’s just a matter of knowing how to search for them.

php programmer salary

Since the language is used for everything, from CRM software to content management systems, both startups and established enterprises often need to hire experienced PHP developers. The salaries described in this article are very approximate, and depend on the information provided by the IT industry representatives.

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The most developed sectors are eCommerce, gaming, finance and banking, healthcare, others. The average PHP professionals’ salary depends on market demand as well as on living costs that are high in Belgium. PHP is the most commonly used programming language among Ukrainian developers. Moreover, it is still the very first programming language that beginners learn, applying and improving PHP skills by constant practice. Given the data presented on the most popular statistical sites, the highest average salaries have PHP programmers from cities such as New York, Los Angeles, as well as Dallas and Houston. When it comes to searching for technical talents, it is much better to enter into a cost-effective collaboration, hiring programmers with a proven track record, right?

  • Most PHP programmers supplement their skills with knowledge of software that PHP works with to make Web pages dynamic.
  • PHP is a server-side scripting language that enables users to interact with databases underlying web pages.
  • This software includes HTML code, other scripting languages and some of the essential programming languages.